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Global deliverability

Reach your users no matter where they are in the world


Deliver notifications in mainland China

While alternative push notification solutions for Android rely on Google Play Services and Firebase Cloud Messaging which are blocked in China, our solution establishes a persistent connection using MQTT to deliver your notifications to any Android device in the world, including non-GMS devices manufactured by Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo.

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Reliable & Fast

Persistent connection on Android means we can deliver notifications up to 2x times faster


Easy integration with Android & iOS, including support for hybrid development environments

AOSP Compatibility

Deliver notifications to AOSP devices lacking Google Play Services

Companies using Pushy for worldwide deliverability

  • "Pushy Enterprise has proven to be a reliable, easy-to-integrate solution for delivering push notifications to our customers in mainland China. We currently use it side-by-side with other push notification services for the rest of the world, and so far it lived up to our standards regarding performance and stability."

    Tim Preuss
    Software Architect at
  • "Our experience with Pushy in the past three years has been good.
    The service is reliable and fills the gap we have with GCM / FCM not working in China."

    Brent Dermott
    Director of IT Engineering at Motorola

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