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Persistent connectivity

A lightweight, battery-efficient protocol called MQTT drastically improves notification reliability on Android

Pub/sub topic messaging

Subscribe users to topics and publish notifications to multiple recipients based on app-specific criteria

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Mission-critical notification delivery at your disposal


A dedicated MQTT connection on Android improves push notification delivery in critical situations


Persistent connection on Android means we can deliver notifications up to 2x times faster


A simple and transparent pricing model, applicable to both startups and enterprise


Support for native mobile, web, and hybrid development environments


Reliable notification delivery in China and support for strict enterprise networks


Auto-scaling backend infrastructure to support your growing user base


Monitor your app's notification delivery and user acquisition

Gain valuable insight into your app's notification reliability and user activity trends using our state-of-the-art dashboard

Powerful metrics

Visualize your app's daily notification sending and delivery rates, pending notifications, connected devices, and more

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