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Improve the delivery rate and speed of your push notifications

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We deliver time-sensitive push notifications to 1,800+ Android and iOS apps

Count on us to deliver your mission-critical notifications


A dedicated MQTT connection on Android means we're up to 2x times faster than the competition


A simple and transparent pricing model, applicable to both startups and big companies

Highly Reliable

Background socket connection on Android ensures push notification delivery in critical situations


Industry-standard HTTPS encryption to secure your sensitive push notifications


Built with developers in mind to make implementation and migration extremely easy


Our backend servers will automatically scale to support your growing user base


Why we're different

On Android, we utilize a lightweight, battery-efficient protocol called MQTT to deliver your push notifications, without relying on other unreliable push gateways.

On iOS, we route notifications through the reliable built-in Apple Push Notification Service push gateway.

We're perfect for delivering notifications to AOSP devices and users located in China, where Google services are blocked.

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