Pushy Demo App


Witness the speed and reliability of our platform without writing a single line of code. Just give our app a try.

The demo app registers your device for push notifications, assigns it a unique token, and displays a system notification when it receives a push notification sent from this page.


iOS: Get the app from GitHub.
Android: Get the app from Google Play.

Alternatively, download the Android demo APK file from here.

Once you install the demo app, open it up and it will display your device's unique token.

Send Test Notification

Enter your device token (from the Android logcat or the Xcode console) to send yourself a test push notification:

Check for the notification on your phone. Did it work? If not, contact us, we'll help you out.

Get the Source

The source code for the demo apps is hosted with love on GitHub.

iOS: pushy-me/pushy-demo-ios
Android: pushy-me/pushy-demo-android
Xamarin.Android: pushy-me/pushy-demo-xamarin-android