Device Presence API

Use this API to check the presence and connectivity status of multiple devices.

API Endpoint


Make sure to replace SECRET_API_KEY with your app's Secret API Key listed in the Dashboard.

Note: This is a backend API endpoint. Never expose your application's Secret API Key in your client code.

JSON Post Parameters

Key Description Type
tokens The device tokens whose presence you want to retrieve.
Can also be specified as registration_ids.
A string[] array
API Response

Successful Response Example

  "presence": [
      "id": "a6f36efb913f1def30c6",
      "online": false,
      "last_active": 1429406442
      "id": "fe8f7b2c12e83e5b41d2",
      "online": true,
      "last_active": 1468349965

Failure Response Example

{"error":"We could not find any devices with those tokens linked to your app."}
API Response Objects

Key Description Type
presence Metadata about the devices' presence (see below). An object


Key Description Type
id The device token. A string
online The device's current connectivity status. A boolean
last_active The device's last connection date (unix timestamp). An integer