Send Test Notification

Input your browser's device token and select your app to send a test push notification:

Note: You can specify a topic instead of a device token (i.e. /topics/news). Also, if your app is not automatically detected, please manually copy the Secret API Key from the Dashboard and paste it into the form.

Did you receive the notification? If not, reach out, we'll be glad to help.

Test Notification Payload

You can replicate the functionality of this demo by sending a POST request to our Send Notifications API with the following body:

    "to": "DEVICE_TOKEN",
    "data": {
        "title": "Test Notification",
        "url": "",
        "message": "Hello World!",
        "image": ""

Note: Make sure to replace DEVICE_TOKEN with your browser's assigned device token.

Modify Receiver Logic

Optionally modify the push receiver logic by replacing the contents of service-worker.js with your own implementation.

You can base off of our original pushy-service-worker.js and modify as desired.

Congratulations on implementing Pushy in your Web app!

To start sending push notifications to your users, start persisting device tokens in your backend, and invoke the Send Notifications API when you want to send a notification. Follow our step-by-step guide: