Notification Status API

Check the delivery status of your push notifications to Android / Electron recipients.

Note: At this time, it is not possible to check the delivery status of notifications sent to iOS or Web Push recipients due to lack of support from APNs and Web Push browser vendors.

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  • GET

    Note: Make sure to replace SECRET_API_KEY with your app's Secret API Key, available in the Pushy Dashboard (Click your app -> API Authentication tab). This is a backend API endpoint. Never expose your application's Secret API Key in your client code.

    URL Parameters

    Field Description Example
    The push notification ID, provided in the Send Notifications API response JSON. 5ea9b214b47cad768a35f13a
    API Response

    Sample Response Body

        "push": {
            "date": 1464003935,
            "payload": {
                "message": "Hello World!"
            "expiration": 1466595935,
            "pending_devices": [
    Response Schema

    Field Description Example
    Metadata object for the push notification.
    - date
    The creation date of the push notification (unix timestamp). 1464003935
    - payload
    The push notification payload data. {"message": "Hello World!"}
    - expiration
    The push notification expiration date (unix timestamp). 1466595935
    - pending_devices
    An array of device tokens that have not received the push notification yet. Limited to a maximum of 1,000 tokens.

    Note: Only reflects pending deliveries to Android & Electron devices. iOS & Web Push make it impossible to track notification delivery.
    API Error Reference

    Sample Error Response

        "code": "INVALID_PUSH_ID", 
        "error": "The push notification ID provided is invalid."
    Error Codes

    A list of endpoint-specific error codes, in addition to the global API errors.

    Error code Description HTTP status code

    The PUSH_ID provided is invalid or no longer exists, or the push was not sent from the app whose SECRET_API_KEY you are using to authenticate.

    Push notifications are automatically deleted by our system 2 days after they are delivered to all recipients, or once they expire.

    400 Bad Request

    The push notification is scheduled for future delivery, please try again after the scheduled delivery time elapses.

    400 Bad Request
  • GET
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